Effective, Confidential and Supportive Counselling for Individuals and Families including Children, Teens, Young-adults and Adults.

Counselling Service on a one-to-one basis


I offer a short introductory session, at low cost, where we can meet up to discuss any concerns that you are experiencing. This time will give you an opportunity to see if we can work together. We shall discuss your reason for coming for therapy, the length of our sessions, the fee and confidentiality.


 I have experience in working with a wide range of issues Self-Esteem, Addictions, Eating Disorders, Relationships, Bereavement and Loss, Anxiety, Stress Management, Anger Management, Depression, Panic Attacks, Trauma, Suicidal Ideation, Domestic Violence and Abuse.


Therapy approaches I integrate into my practice include:


Reality Therapy / Choice Theory and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  These are collaborative, practical and problem oriented approaches to emotional problems whereby the person and therapist work together towards understanding difficulties in terms of their relationship between thoughts, feelings, bodily responses and behaviour.


Reality Therapy / Choice Theory: Facilitates a person to recognise their basic needs and their current behaviour(s), which is disconnecting them from their important relationships.  The process enables the person to identify what they want and to choose a different behaviour so that they can reconnect with those close relationships. This is a wonderful and appropriate approach to working with children and adolescents and couple counselling.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): Is the most widely researched therapy. CBT is a form of psychotherapy that combines cognitive (thinking) and behavioural therapies. It facilitates the individual to become aware of their distorted thinking (known as negative thoughts) and belief system (known as schemas) patterns. CBT challenges these schemas and negative thoughts and in turn changes how the person thinks and feels. The behavioural difficulties, and the connection between behaviour and thoughts, are recognised by the individual and this helps motivate change.


Fundamentally, our thoughts determine our feelings and our behaviour. The process enables the person to challenge these automatic negative thoughts which create their negative emotions which can direct us to engage in unhelpful and destructive behaviour. CBT is beneficial to persons experiencing symptoms such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and trauma. It equally facilitates a person with an active addiction.


In addition to my private therapy practice, I have significant formal and voluntary experience working as a counsellor and psychotherapist.  Firstly, as a creative play therapist for 15 to 17 year old students in the William Glasser Youthreach Trim.  This facility was declared as ‘Ireland’s First Quality Centre of Education’ in March 2010, by the Department of Education. Dr. William Glasser Quality Centre of Education is a learning environment which has adopted an educational philosophy and practice based on Choice Theory. Choice Theory operates under the belief that methods based on coercion (or “external control”) do not work and are in fact incompatible with procedures that do lead to real educational change and personal growth.


Secondly, on a voluntary basis, I work in a Women’s Refuge facility with clients of all ages who have experienced violence in their intimate relationships and their homes.  Domestic violence can include physical, sexual, emotional, mental, financial abuse and I work with women to build confidence and ability to create a safer environment for themselves.


Appointments for our services are available in Newbridge and Clondalkin.


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