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Counselling Supervision


“Supervision is a working alliance between a Supervisor and a Counsellor where supervisees offer an account of their work, reflect on it and receive feedback, and where appropriate, guidance. The object of this alliance is to enable the supervisee to gain in ethical competence, confidence, compassion and creativity so as to give her best possible service to her clients”. Inskipp and Proctor (1993).


As a supervisor, my role is to manage, support and educate each supervisee and facilitate them in developing new insights and skills so they can assist their clients’.  As a supervisor I will provide you with an environment where you can share your vulnerability, offer you constructive feedback, and manage the quality of the work that you are undertaking with your clients. A working contract will be set up at our introductory session.


“Transparent contracting; creates a negotiated and mutually restful supervisory relationship where tasks, functions and responsibilities are understood by both parties and where the professional development of the supervisee is paramount and the care and protection of clients is assured”. Barden (2001, p.82). Cited in Reid et.al (2013, p. 109-110).


In my Counselling Supervision I work with therapists from the fields of Addiction Counselling, Counselling & Psychotherapy, and Child Play Therapy.


My experience in lecturing and training, including six years lecturing and as Faculty Lecturer on a Higher Education BSc (Hons) degree programme in Counselling and Psychotherapy, helps inform my work as a supervisor.


The initial appointment with every supervisee is to determine your status – whether you are a trainee counsellor, pre-accredited or accredited and to establish whether report forms are required.

 My aims as a Supervisor are:


  • To facilitate my supervisees to tell their client’s story, while using my “Internal Supervisor”, listening and reflecting skills to gain an understanding of their client’s difficulties in life or perhaps those of my supervisees.
  • To develop and maintain a professional, therapeutic relationship with my supervisees, to assist them to facilitate their client’s on their journey in the hope they achieve a level of self-actualisation.
  • To be aware of  the need to reinforce positive thoughts / aspects of the supervisees to facilitate their clients in identifying negative thoughts and assist the clients to regain lost skills and build new skills to enable them to function to their optimum ability.
  • To provide a supportive, educational and managerial quality to our work together.


Clinical Supervision sessions are available in Newbridge and Clondalkin.


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