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What is Addiction?


What is Addiction?

Addiction has many definitions. Varying definitions typically include a need for the individual to avoid intolerable reality with an ongoing, compulsive and life damaging relationship with a mood altering substance or behaviour. Examples include alcohol and drug dependence, compulsive gambling, eating disorders, addiction to such processes as sex, work, overspending, and extreme exercise. Additionally, those in addiction become progressively “hooked” over time and find that they are unable to successfully stop or cut down despite bringing considerable pain into their own lives and into the lives of those who care about them.


Addiction professionals typically view addictions as falling into broad categories: those that involve the overuse of chemicals such as alcohol & drugs, those with an over involvement in a behaviour such as gambling, or involvement in a destructive relationship with food combined with significant body image issues. It is also important to note that individuals frequently have more than one addiction, such as addiction to both alcohol & nicotine or to cocaine & sex.

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