Though it is often difficult to admit that you may have a present difficulty, something which you feel you should be able to handle, or, something you feel you just can’t tell another person - we are here to listen, to suspend judgement and to commit to helping you resolve.

Reaching out for help takes great courage and involves great risk, but ultimately, you have it within you to change your present circumstances by gaining new perspectives, gaining fresh insights and by changing the way you think or behave about situations, events or people.  We can help you with this process of change.

Gisela Oates,
Serenity Counselling
October 2011.


We are an Irish Counselling Service based in Newbridge

Co. Kildare and provide counselling for the following life difficulties;

  1. 1.Addictions

  2. 2.Eating Disorders

  3. 3.Relationships

  4. 4.Bereavement

  5. 5.Stress Management

  6. 6.Anger Management